Holy Land of God

“All the nations will praise you, for you will be a land of delight

Malachi 3:12

Mount Nebo
Mount Nebo

As written in the History of the Holy Land, this piece of land is really the Land of God, the promised land in the middle east with a historic culture that is just stunningly beautiful, there are so many great places to visit from cities, villages to mountains, valleys, seasides and much really much more.

Some of these places are known others are less known, some having great stories both biblical as non-biblical next to famous people that have walked the great land who had and still have an enormous impact on our way of living.

Here at Holy Land of God, we are searching for artefacts with the story of that particular artefact. This can be a statue, a shrine, or anything connected to the land of God that can be purchased online.

for the Love of The Holy Land

For the love of the promised land, we search for artifacts that mean something to you. We search and find, we find the history of that particular topic and if you have a request do not hesitate to ask.

Philip In Samaria

Philip in Samaria

Philip in Samaria is the story of a lot of work and that was marked with great success, and, thus encouraged, he sent to Jerusalem…
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Jesus on trial before the Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin show the dilemma they had with the apostles teaching God’s words and did all in their power to stop them.
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Proclamation of God

Faith – Proclamation of God

The proclamation of God; He has made His proclamation of the gospel dependent upon the labors and the gifts of His people. Voluntary offerings and…
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The Martyrdom of St. Stephen

Martyrdom of Saint Stephen

The Acts of the Apostles writes in the year 36 the Martyrdom of Saint Stephen, stoned to death for blasphemy, becoming the first Christian martyr.
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The Dome of the Divine Presence

The Divine Presence of God

The divine presence of God after our Lord’s ascension, the love of the light gave the disciples faith to teach the Word of God.
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Visión de San Pedro

The Vision of Peter

According to the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 10, Saint Peter had a vision of a vessel full of animals being lowered from heaven. A…
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Paul the Apostle

Who Was Apostle Paul?

The question Who was Apostle Paul is answered in our long story and will help you to understand more about the most important men in…
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Jesus ascending to heaven

The Promise of the Spirit

When Christ gave His disciples the promise of the Spirit, He was nearing the close of His earthly ministry. He was standing in the shadow…
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The Liberation of St. Peter

Peter Escapes from Prison

Peter Escapes from Prison The following story is about the time that Peter Escapes from Prison. His great escape from prison with the help of…
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Abrahamic Religions

The Abrahamic Religions

The history of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism dates back to Abraham and is often called the Abrahamic Religions.
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