About the Land of God

The history of the land of God is written in the article history of the Holy Land which is a very long read but gives a great overview of the timeline of the piece of land in both biblical and non-biblical era content.

the Promised Land
the Promised Land

The website Holy Land of God places articles both biblical and non-biblical for you to enjoy. We also look at artifacts, the understanding of that artifact and where copies can be obtained. We do know that many artifacts came on the black market but these should be for a museum and not at home on the mantelpiece or worse in a vault where nobody can enjoy them.

The history is full of interesting artifacts like the Tabernacle, Noah’s ark next to items from the Crusades and these are all available when you want to search for it.

The Art of the Land of God

We have done the hard bit, searching through the history on artifacts and online where someone can purchase them from.

Many artifacts are religious, nevertheless not all, there was a time in the history of this beautiful land in the Middle East that there were pagans and not religious at all.

In case you buy product through the link we provide then we do earn a small affiliate commission which helps this website alive.

Holy Family by Landi

We are also happy for 3rd parties to write biblical or non-biblical content, this can be a prayer or affirmation, as long as it is relevant to the Holy Land.

Like the nativity set of this Holy Family which looks great and is ready for your home.

But obviously, there are many more artifacts and we will place them at dedicated product pages.

It does not mean that Holy Land of God is just about selling, no, our website is much more than that and the content is of great interest for you when you love history.

The Holy Land of God however is not a bible study website, we have indeed great stories from the bible and if you have been to Sunday school that you will recognize many of them.

We just hope that you enjoy our website, be in touch for question or suggestions and who knows you might perhaps have Holy Land artifacts for sale and have them listed here. This might be an artifact from your web-shop or you might be a private person having a great picture of this artifact that is of a great fit for our site.

Whatever the reason for you to contact us we will be very pleased for you to do so and send us that great story, that perfect picture bringing this wonderful land closer to the reader.

In case you wonder who wrote all these articles on the site, well these are all written by people like you.

We are based in the UK but the articles are written by true people of God, true people who understand research, true people who love to write.

They writers are professionals, journalist, religious people, non-religious people, but they have all one thing in common and that is the passion of the Holy Land.

They all understand the importance of this piece of land in the middle east to our history. The writers are basically from everywhere. Coming or living in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

In case you would love to write for us, just contact us, we will be more than happy to read and publish your article. Just make sure that it is in English and that you have used a spelling tool so the majority of the errors are not there anymore.

We use Grammarly, to check on errors and got rid of the majority but if not, no worries, not every one is perfect in English that includes me.

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