About the Holy Land of God



We love Gods words and use the Bible to learn and write in our own wording about the Holy Land.

We are just individuals who like to express ourself in our prayers and stories.

Join us here and maybe we find each other somewhere in the Holy Land of God.

mount of olives
mount of olives

Join us in our daily prayers or request a prayer to be shared with all.

We believe in prayers where we speak to God asking for his blessing and cleanse us from our sins.

Find the prayers on our site or share your prayers with us. We definately will upload and share with Gods followers.

Share our prayers with your friends and followers increasing the Holy Land of God community.

Contact us and you can send your prayer.

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Our stories are how we interpret Gods Word by reading the Bible and find explanations in our own words.

Send us your story and we share it here at the Holy Land of God.

The Bible is “easy” to read but sometimes difficult to understand although the New International Version is great nevertheless we loved stories as kids and still love them today.

Your story can be a Biblical story but also a story you endeavoured yourself with God helping you on your way through that period in your life.