Bible Stories from the Holy Land

The Bible is full of stories and we love the share them with you. Here at the Holy Land of God we collect, write, pray and feel the love of God reading the stories and prayers.

We have stories from the old testament but also the new covenant but equally, we are happy to place your story or view on Christianity.

We already mentioned that you can request prayer but the same is for stories. We are more than happy to explain in our own view parts in the bible and reflect to our nowadays live which will be placed under “view” which is basically our view on Christianity, our view on the bible.

As you know there are many different explanations, so we do not say that ours is the best, it is just how we see it.

Leave your comments for each of the biblical stories and we definitely will reply and in case you have written your own story we are grateful of you can send it so we can upload.

Bible Stories

Enjoy our exclusive bible stories. these stories are own written and therefore unique in its interpretation.

if you want to have your biblical story listed then contact us at the request page and we are more than happy to upload it here at the bible stories of holy land of god.

Liberation of St Peter

Peter Escapes from Prison

The story Peter Escapes from Prison is well know but this “great” escape from prison with the help of an Angel shows the Power of…
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Ascension of Jesus

The following story is about the last days of Christ Before Ascension Day. The last commands Christ gave to the disciples before joining God in…
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The Apostle Peter

The Apostle Peter in Joppa

The apostle Peter made various travels during his lifetime and on one of these travels, you might say Peter’s miracle in Joppa.
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The Conversion of St. Paul or, The Road to Damascus (oil on canvas)

Saul of Tarsus

This Saul of Tarsus story is based on Acts 9:1-18 and tells how Saul who was an oppressor because he took part in the trial…
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The Vision of Peter

The following story tells that the vision of Peter was not about food and killing every animal that you can eat but that Jew and…
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The Apostle Paul

Who was the Apostle Paul?

The question “Who was the apostle Paul?”, isn’t answered in only a few sentences. The following story is a long story but it gives interesting…
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An icon of the Christian Pentecost, in the Greek Orthodox tradition. This is the Icon of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. At the bottom is an allegorical figure, called Kosmos, which symbolizes the world.

The Noble Apostles

In the history of prophets and apostles, are many noble examples of loyalty to God. Christ’s witnesses have endured imprisonment, torture, and death itself, rather…
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La Flagellation de Saint Paul et de Saint Silas

2nd Missionary Journey of Paul

After spending some time in ministry at Antioch, Paul proposed to his fellow worker that they set forth on a 2nd missionary journey. “Let us…
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The Promised Blessing

Christ’s ascension to heaven was the signal that His followers were to receive the promised blessing. For this, they were to wait before they entered…
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Jesus ascending to heaven

The Divine Presence of God

He had ascended to heaven in the form of humanity. They knew that He was before the throne of God, their Friend and Saviour still;…
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