Lydia Baptistery

Proclaimed Beyond the Confines of What Is Normal

The time had come for the gospel to be proclaimed beyond the confines of Asia Minor. The way was preparing for Paul and his fellow workers to cross over into Europe. At Troas, on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, “a vision appeared to Paul in the night: There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.”

The Conversion of the Proconsul

Messengers And Proclaimers of the Gospel

“Sent forth by the Holy Ghost,” Paul and Barnabas, after their ordination by the brethren in Antioch, “departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed to Cyprus.” Thus the apostles began their first missionary journey.

Jesus on trial before the Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin show the dilemma they had with the apostles teaching God’s words and did all in their power to stop them.

Pentecost in the Bible

The Day of Pentecost in the Bible

The Day of Pentecost in the Bible is a truly glorifying moment in Christianity where the Holy Spirit came down to the disciples of Jesus which the following story tells.

Proclamation of God

Faith – Proclamation of God

The proclamation of God; He has made His proclamation of the gospel dependent upon the labors and the gifts of His people. Voluntary offerings and the tithe constitute the revenue of the Lord’s work. Of the means entrusted to man, God claims a certain portion,—the tenth. He leaves all free …

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The Martyrdom of St. Stephen

Martyrdom of Saint Stephen

The Acts of the Apostles writes in the year 36 the Martyrdom of Saint Stephen, stoned to death for blasphemy, becoming the first Christian martyr.

The Dome of the Divine Presence

The Divine Presence of God

The divine presence of God after our Lord’s ascension, the love of the light gave the disciples faith to teach the Word of God.

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