Story Placement Request Holy Land

The stories of the Holy Land is missing your story. Call it a guest post if you like but if you have a story to tell about the Holy Land whether this is religious or non-religious, we will place it because it is your view on the Holy Land or your view on a certain story.

Guest Post Story Placement Request Holy Land

We even allow you to have a link to your own website as long as it is relevant. We might even allow you to have a link to an affiliate site, but again, this must be relevant to the story and obviously to the Holy Land.

guest post

We do not allow links to sites that are not relevant to the Holy Land, which includes gambling related websites, adult websites and many more.

We assume that you will understand if the site that you want to link to is allowed, if you are not sure, just ask.

Some stories take a long time to tell and we love them. You might have a story of under 500 words and yes, we will place that but we have rather stories that are over 1000 words.

Or, if you have a video then we will be pleased to upload that or link to it.

Do you have an infographic then again, we will place it with the right story or perhaps your own story.

In short, you can send us anything as long as it is relevant therefore do not hesitate we want your story.

Post Request

Fill in all the mandatory details and you are on your way to having your story of the Holy Land published on the Holy Land of God website.

In case you love to spam then be aware that all spam is deleted. It goes straight to trash without even being seen by any of us.

There is no way to attach a file, you just have to copy-paste your story in the message box. Please make sure that your email address is valid because we will contact you before publishing.

In case you want all the credits, and we think you do, then you can send us your LinkedIn badge. Just follow the steps as written on the page and we are happy to add that badge to your story.

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