Our Prayers

our prayers

Pray with us for the love of God.

Feel the power of God when talking to our Lord in Heaven.

Join us in praying or let us know your own written prayers that we can upload here at the “Our Prayers” section at the Holy Land of God.

The list of prayers will be filled almost daily with new prayers, prayers we have here but not uploaded yet, prayers and prayers we find online.

If you see any prayer that you would like us to add to our list then please send us the link.

The community would love to hear from you therefore contact us and let us know you are there and in for a chat.

The Devil bargains with God_over_Jobs_faith

Prayer for Faith

While praying listen to God’s voice, strengthen your faith, be strong, have faith in your own ability, stand up for the words you speak.
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Anton van Dyck The Vision of the Blessed Hermann Joseph

Prayer For Diligence

I love the Lord my God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my might. I treasure God’s Word and…
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I fear no evil

For Fear of The Lord

I keep God’s Word and lay up His commandments with me. I keep His commandments and live. His law is as the apple of my…
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divine healing

Prayer for Divine Healing

In this day I believe in divine healing. In this day I receive healing according to my faith. In this day Jesus heals all my…
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The Gift Of God

In this day I do not put out the Spirit’s fire. In fact, I fan into flame the gift of God, which is in me.…
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