Gift of God the Spirit of Fire

In this day I do not put out the Spirit’s fire.

In fact, I fan into flame the gift of God, which is in me

Gift of God

In this day I have the spirit of revelation and knowledge.

I am coming to know Christ better every day.

In this day I have the glorious inheritance working inside of me.

In this day I have the same power of God that was used to raise Christ from the dead.

I have resurrection power within me.

In this day I cast my cares upon the Lord because He cares for me and watches over me affectionately.

He has my best interest at heart.


The Gift of God is Righteousness

In this day I hunger for righteousness. I am filled with all the spiritual blessings in heavenly places.

In this day I meditate in the Word day and night, so that I can recognize God’s will and then act upon it.

As I practice the Word, I am blessed in everything I do.

In this day I esteem my words and treat them with respect. More than that, I esteem God and His Word above everything.

In this day My words have power and force, because I let nothing come out of my mouth except what is helpful in building up others according to their needs.

In this day I love my words. I reap my words.

My words are working to produce life.

In this day The Spirit is turning up the power of my words, because I speak God’s words.

In this day God’s Word is the final authority in my life.

I do not accept anything that does not live up with God’s Word.

In this day I reject all tradition that does not conform to God’s Word.

In this day I refuse to say anything that would disrespect God’s authority.

In this day I have a merry heart, and it does well like medicine.

In this day I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me.

In this day I have faith in my words. I believe what I say comes to pass.

In this day The Word is near me. It is in my mouth and in my heart. It is the word of faith that I proclaim.

In this day I have been created in God’s image.

I am spirit, I have a soul, and I live in a body.

In this day, I Think the Word, talk the Word, Dream the Word, Teach the Word, Preach the Word, Minister the Word, Sing the Word, Love the Word, Memorise the Word, Meditate the Word,

I seek the Word, I am obsessed of the Word, I am intimate with Word, I am one with Word,

I am in the Word, Believe the Word, Stick to the Word, Submit to the Word, Act the Word, Do the Word, I hear the Word, I see the Word, I sense the Word, I am full of the Word, I say the Word.

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